“HARVEST it software goes beyond conventional reporting... it is something every Managing Director of a modern Company should have. We are now looking at the total information flow in our organization - customer back to the grapevine."

Mark Davidson
Managing Director, Tamburlaine Wines, Australia
"... package has aided us in analysing overtime costs, factory workers out turn and also plucker's productivity. This in turn has translated into substantial savings for the company"

Managing Director, Sasini Tea and Coffee Limited, Kenya.
"Another evolving success story is the roll-out of HARVEST it. Credit is due to everyone involved but I would like to emphasize that ultimate success is vested in the way in which we use this technology. It is a powerful system which enables us to much more accurately define our targets, measure our achievements and roll-out best practices through the business."

Managing Director, Brooke Bond Kenya Ltd. Kenya (Unilever Group, UK)
“……I am greatly appreciative of the support and help that iSmart has provided. This entire project has been an excellent team work from iSmart side off-site and on-site and the CTP team on the group and off ground has worked together as one single team. We have never had differences and we were seen as one single team to the business and that’s why we were and will be successful.”

Mr. Chandramouli Kalapatti. BU
IT Manager CTP Holdings Pte Ltd (Cargill Group in Indonesia & PNG)
“This is a RED LETTER day for CTP and its PNG operations. We have implemented HIT phase II successfully. Proof of the pudding is in eating and similarly proof of all the modules like Purchasing, Inventory, Workshop, Fleet Management etc is in a set of Financial Statements which makes sense……….

The system has a lot of processes and controls and automations built in and I have no doubts that it will make our lives better. We will have good business intelligence available to monitor and ensure we have good traction of our work plans and costs. Fine tuning and effective usage will be the way we will go forward from here……

We RECOGNIZE the time, effort and hard work by the HOP and MBE team and the IT team in ensuring that the implementation is successful. We have made a quantum leap forward in systems and processes by this achievement.”

Kumar Venkateswaran
Group Financial Controller-SIN & PNG CTP Holdings Pte Limited