SMART Biz - Minerals


Granite Processing System

SMART Biz Granite Processing System helps to track records right from the production of blocks to the final dispatch. The system starts with Customer specification, production of blocks, the quality of blocks, Buyer Inspection, Royalty Measurement, Invoice and dispatch. The system generates reports that can keep track of pending purchase orders and stock at any point of time can be generated.

Modular Features


Financial Accounting System

The Accounts module of SMART Biz takes care of every accounting need at the Factory. Besides regular accounting functions, the System offers features like accounts grouping in 10 levels, several documents like Petty Cash, Cash On Hand and different bankbooks. It allows for a provision for reconciliation of Bank, Debit/Credit note, Inter Location Documents. It allows a foolproof method against manipulation of accounts. Users can be defined under Sanctioning authorities with the authority to sanction predefined amounts. SMART Biz Accounts supports multi- location and multi currency requirements. It also provides a Mini Budget as part of the same module.

Inventory Management

The Stores is the Inventory management module of SMART Biz. It can maintain stocks at Main Store and Sub Store. The system permits all four types of Stock Valuation Methods viz.  Monthly and Daily Weighted Averages, FIFO, LIFO and Monthly General rate. The user can define as many Additional Charges as is needed which can be posted either to Stock or Account. Allowances can be maintained either Item-wise or Account-wise. Both Local Purchase and Centralized Purchase are possible. There is a provision for Authorization or Rejecting Issue and Purchase requisitions. The Inventory Management System can generate debit Notes and Credit notes. There is provision for Stock Adjustment, which can be done either for Value or for Quantity. Provision for warning and alerts are given.

Bills management System (Accounts Receivable & Payable)

The SMART Biz Bills Management System handles creditors and debtors effectively and can lead to substantial reduction in cost of interest and need for large working capital. It keeps the control on maturity of payables, discounts, fund allocations, and timely disbursement of payments.

Order processing System

Order processing module of SMART Biz facilitates systematic processing of the Purchase Orders to the Suppliers from the Head Office

Fixed Assets

The SMART Biz Fixed Assets monitors and maintains all capital items and projects. In the case of projects, it tracks work in progress until completion and capitalization. It provides for asset addition, revaluation and invoice generation, taking care of any forex gain or loss through transaction.
Keeping the long-term information on fixed assets and their subsequent depreciation processes are tracked through this module of SMART Biz. Necessary values required for compiling the final accounts of the Company are derived automatically from the module.