HARVEST Plus from iSmart Business Solutions Ltd, is the latest ERP version in .Net platform designed and developed exclusively for the plantation Industry. HARVEST Plus is designed as a modular package spanning and integrating the multiple tiers of plantations, right from the Cultivation and Processing level to the group and corporate levels.

The system is built on Harvest Framework, a Software Development Kit (SDK).

The Harvest Framework is designed to take care of several core issues like:


Architecture of HARVEST Plus


HARVEST Plus runs on Windows 2003 with SQL 2005 as Database Server and developed in .Net platform. The web based corporate systems of HARVEST Plus enables the management to perform comprehensive data analysis and decision making remotely. The system is built in N-tire architecture. Separate layers for Security, SOA and Notification.


Enhanced features of HARVEST Plus

  1. Windows login is used hence no separate users database.
  2. More enhanced Role based, table level, row level and column level security is implemented.
  3. More comprehensive audit trial.
  4. The business logic layer of HARVEST Plus is build around Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) principles. This makes the modules exists and performs independently.
  5. Powerful workflow management with notification through E-mail and windows popup.
  6. Built in Archival tool.
  7. Supports data transfer using Microsoft MSMQ.
  8. Navigational User Interfaces helps the user to navigate through data which enable easier data viewing and editing.
  9. Favorite menu option helps the user to access frequently used User Interfaces with out searching through the Application menu lists.
  10. Tree view of menu structure gives more user friendly access to users in to the system.
  11. The HARVEST Plus modules are loaded with wide range of functionalities, taking the maximum configurability in to consideration.

Harvest Framework

  1. Emphasis on a central framework. The framework comprises of binary components.
  2. Framework is developed as a SDK, over which application developers can plug-in their forms without bothering much about how security and audit trail will be applied.
  3. No hardwiring of the package to a single domain. This allows applications to be built for other verticals like Manufacturing, Retail, etc.
  4. Online documentation (similar to MSDN) accompanies the framework. Application developers are trained using exercises mentioned in the online help.
  5. Most of the critical inputs for the framework requirements were given by the application developers who have executed ERP projects in the plantation domain in Visual Basic 6 and FoxPro environments. The framework addresses these problems.
  6. HARVEST Plus Framework abstracts most of the non-functional complexities, which otherwise left to the application developers will only bring about non-uniformity and product defects.
  7. HARVEST Plus Framework allows for a layered approach even at the application level.
  8. HARVEST Plus Framework is designed for rapidly building software for large enterprises. Change is evident for any software. HARVEST Plus Framework is designed specifically to meet the challenges of changing business needs.



Keep Application Developer away from DB (underlying data structure need not bother). The tables are designed and kept as XML files and used for dynamic table and stored procedure creation. This solves the hassle of every application developer knowing SQL coding.