Preference of HARVEST it™ over other ERP Systems

  1. Understanding requirements since we have the technical and domain expertise, having been in the field of Agri business for more than 20 Years.
  2. With the experience gathered in this Industry, we ensure speed of deployment of HARVEST it™ at the Client Locations.
  3. Flexibility in accommodating specific requirements is very high during the system requirement study.
  4. HARVEST it™ comes with best practices developed over years in the industry. The client therefore gains maximum benefit from this along with the incorporation of specific requirements relevant to their business functions.

Our well-known product HARVEST it™ has been accepted the world over as one of the best ERP products for Plantation and Post-harvest Management. We have built up a formidable domain base in Agri-business over the past 18 years. Our strength lies in the strong understanding of the business operations of this Industry.

HARVEST it™has been successfully implemented in over 650 estates in 14 countries for a wide range of crops like Tea, Coffee, Oil palm, Rubber, Flower, Tobacco, Vineyards, etc. We cover all the business processes on the plantation from Nursery establishment, Replanting, Field maintenance, Harvesting, Manufacture, Warehousing and Sales. Our MIS integrates information from all the estate modules to help the Manager keep total control of his expenditure vis-vis the budgetary provision. All our modules self-generate reports that are designed to give him vital information on his production and productivity on a daily basis to facilitate efficient decision-making. HARVEST it™ will consolidate information from the estates to your corporate office to eventually provide the Company with its P&L and Balance Sheet. We facilitate corporate control in the areas of purchase, marketing and financial management against budgetary provisions. Our product comes equipped with a powerful Executive Information System that will enable the CEO to analyze Company performance as an overview with options to drill down to the estate and even field level for deeper insight into productivity, production, sales performances, etc.

The user-friendly features of the package have led to quick acceptability and rapid implementation. HARVEST it™ covers the entire range of Agri-business activities and that's why we term it as a 'Seed to Sale' product.

We now have satisfied customers including James Finlay, Kenya and their Warehousing operations at Mombassa; Cargill Kenya, Mombassa; Mbaraki Port & Warehouses Ltd, Mombassa; KTDA Ltd and Chai Warehouse Ltd, Mombassa; Sasini Tea & Coffee, Kenya, Unilever Tea, Kenya, Tata Group, India; James Finlay Group of Companies, UK; Socfinco Group, Belgium; Cargill Group, US; Pamol Plantations Sdn Bhd., Malaysia; IJM Plantations Sdn Bhd, Malaysia; Pacrim Palm Oil Pte, Singapore; PT Asiatic, Indonesia; PT Harapan, Indonesia, etc.

HARVEST it™ has been selected from amongst 700 software products and judged as the best Business Solution for Asia and South Pacific regions by Microsoft for two consecutive years. iSmart Business Solutions were Microsoft Certified Partner for Last 6 Years and Gold Certified Partner for Last 2 years. The Product HARVEST it™ is a Windows Server 2003 verified Product.

We have a dedicated post-implementation Support Department on perpetual call to deal with any eventuality to all our esteemed clients across the globe.


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